Guitar Chords And How To Master Them

We all start our journey on guitar learning acoustic guitar chords for beginners right? I know I did… I can still remember trying for hours, days, weeks, yes even months to get the dreaded F major chord down. Always to no avail. Ending in frustration and tears, vowing never to pick up the guitar again. Ahhh sweet memories of learning guitar right?

My best recommendation is to start off trying to master just a handful of open chords first, no more than 3 or 4. Once you feel you have a handle on them you can expend out and add another 2 or 3 into the mix. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number or chords you could learn. And, most of them aren’t very useful anyway – not unless you’re planning on playing Jazz Odyssey type stuff at least!

Here are the chords you should learn first

  • E minor
  • G major
  • D major
  • A minor

In fact, there are already a few hundred songs you could play with just those 4 chords! See what I mean? Concentrate on mastering small groups of the most used chords first, that way you’ll progress faster and get far more bang for your buck with the time you spend practicing.

The Chords To “Hey Jude” Is Another Good Example

In this video you can see the guitar chords for Hey Jude in the key of G major and how they are put together in a typical pop song progression. This is a much better way of learning songs as they key is much easier than the original (F major) as it was primarily written on piano.

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New Video On How To Play Guitar

Here’s a rocking new video I came across a few days ago and it’s probably the best lesson I’ve seen on YouTube for how to play guitar with a song like “Sweet Home Alabama” – classic guitar tune if ever there was one I’d say.

So first of all he breaks down the 3 (yes three) chords you need to play through the entire song and also gives a nice tip about where you keep your 3rd finger anchored all the way through so that you can make the changes from one chord to the next much smoother.

Once you have that much down it’s a simple matter of learning how to pick through each chord (“simple” being a relative term!) but anyone you’ll see that he does break it down into pretty simple bite-size chunks which most of you I’m sure will be able to get.

O.K so without further ado, here’s the video…

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Easy Spanish Guitar Pieces To Learn

Recently I got a new guitar student who was very specific in wanting to learn only Spanish guitar. This presented a little problem in that I the only materials I had on hand were technically way too difficult.

On further investigation I found that there are in fact a tremendous amount of resources for beginners in classical guitar. Best of all they are written by some of the best composers for guitar who ever lived who took the time to write little books of beginner level pieces easy enough for beginners to manage. Some of the etudes and studies are actually quite charming.

Fortunately there is much in common between these styles and the repertoire can easily translate from one to the other. If you’re interested in trying some of this out for yourself then I recommend two composers in particular – Sor and Carulli.

There are also some nice Spanish guitar lessons available on the web and the one linked to is my personal choice as I think the teacher is very good in how he delivers the information.

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Trying To Learn This Cool Guitar Style

Recently dug up my old and suffering nylon string guitar. Wiped off the dust and replaced the strings, tuned it up and told it that I loved it :-) though not sure it believed me after so many years of neglect!

Why? Well I’m into this new guitar style used in Mexico where they serenade the girl in the old films. If you’ve ever seen one then you’ll know the sound I’m talking about.

It’s not that hard to do but sound really good. The course I’m working with to accomplish all this is aprender a tocar la guitarra. The lessons are actually in English with Spanish subtitles so it’s still very easy for me to follow along. The guy actually lives in Mexico and decided to put this course out there. Nice idea.

The chords you use area the standard ones like E, Am, Dm, G, C, F, B7 and so forth but the way they progressions are structured just give off a gorgeous sound especially when you combine with a technique of alternating the bass notes on top of the chords.

Once you start to get the hang of that you get the classic sound instantly which is such a cool effect! My best advice is to give it a shot yourself and see how it goes for you.

After spending years doing all the usual how to play guitar courses focused upon steel string acoustic I’m ready for a big change in my musical direction.

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The Easiest Guitar Lessons On The Internet

The main reason why I love is because I can take all the guitar lessons I want for free and some of the teachers posting up tutorials are pretty excellent on guitar to say the least. I’ve never be able to access that kind of quality living here in my small town so it’s truly a Godsend for me. Anytime I feel like practicing (which is pretty much every day, especially at night) I can go online and start searching for how to play this song or that, shut the door of my office and forget about the world and especially my J.O.B!

First I began by learning to play some of the most basic chords like E minor, A minor, G and D. These felt hard at first but gradually they become easy, you just have to keep at it and stay consistent with your practice. After that I started to learn some of the more popular guitar strums and I found that with 3 or 4 all-round good ones you can actually play tons of popular radio songs. This was one aspect of playing music which I found very surprising.

Here’s a guitar lesson I’m working on at the moment as an example. The youtube guitar lessons channel is here

Here’s another cool example, this internet guitar lesson is all about how to play the classic Eric Clapton tune of “Wonderful Tonight”.

This one is for an older John Denver song, Country Roads

So once you’re at the stage where you can strum along in typical “beginner level” fashion to sing-a-long songs the next step is to try some harder songs with Barre chords (WARNING: WILL FEEL COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE AT FIRST!) and then finally get into other styles of guitar such as blues, country, Spanish guitar and my favorite, fingerstyle. I’d give anything to be able to play guitar like James Taylor. What a gorgeous sound.

Everyone kind of goes through the same initial process when starting out and kind of learn the same things as everyone else. Soon however you’ll find that you’re able to get into more and more specific styles of guitar playing and it’s really up to you to decided in which direction you want to go. Basically, what would you love to be able to play and who would you love to sound like on guitar? That’s the best way to find out which style of guitar playing you’d have the most passion and motivation to achieve.

If you try to force yourself into learning a style of music that you’re not that into then you’re going to quickly find yourself in a steep uphill struggle to maintain your motivation. Choose something which you’d give anything to be able to play and follow that direction, it’s natural and much more effective.

My best advice is to teach yourself using guitar websites for around 6 months to a year BEFORE going out to find a local guitar teacher. By that time you’ll have a pretty good idea about what you’re main problems are when it comes to guitar and you can get a guitar teacher to really help you out there. Things like learning the shapes of chords or the directions of strumming patterns are super easy to do on your own – you don’t need to pay for expensive private lessons to do that so save your money!

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Does Your Guitar Sound Good Enough?

Does Your Guitar Sound Good Enough?

Itâ??s not the skills that only matters in guitar playing, your guitar must also sound good. I have been seeing this issue with a lot of guitar players nowadays and mind you, they are not beginners, most of these people are shredders, meaning they have reached the intermediate stage of guitar playing. However, these shredders that I have noticed all have a thing in common, theyâ??re guitar tone suck. This is because of them being not too technical when it comes to the tone that they produce. If you have heard Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert, they all have great sounding guitar tonal quality.

Does Your Guitar Sound Good Enough? Other Guitar Players

But not only have the shredders had this problem. There are also guitar players that I have seen play, trying to play blues on their guitar but lack the necessary tone that the blues require. Yes, if you want to play blues, you also got to imitate the tone. Blues guitars that are used are usually vintage Fenders, Gibson and others. The tone usually is produced by tube screamers, or sometimes just the amp tone. A warm overdriven tone is enough for blues guitars.

Does Your Guitar Sound Good Enough? â?? Guitar Tones

The Guitar too has a tone of its own. That is why you should also be specific when it comes to the type of guitar you would be using. It depends on the type of music that you would play. For example, Stratocaster is good for blues, jazz, country and other stuff. The ESP is great for metal. But some guitar are all â?? rounder. They could be good for everything else. So take note of these things that I tell you so you would the answer to the question â??Does Your Guitar Sound Good Enough?

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Beginner Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitar Lessons

So you have a new guitar and you feel like you are touching an alien object with six â?? strings. So what do you do now? Beginning to learn guitar when you absolutely know nothing about it at all is a tedious task indeed. It takes a lot of careful learning because learning guitar alone could be quite overwhelming for beginners like you. That is why it is important that you find a proper guitar lessons that are specially made for beginners and is easy to understand and made especially for beginners like you.

Beginner Guitar Lessons â?? where to find it?

Basically, there are three methods of acquiring guitar lessons. First, you could get private lessons with a guitar teacher. This is quite effective since you are taught face to face and any wrong methods could be corrected right away and if you have a question or confused about something, you can tell it right away. However, not everyone could afford to have a guitar teacher teach them. Guitar teachers are quite expensive to hire since they are only going to teach you.

Another method is to inquire for online lessons on the internet. It is probably the most common and easy to acquire guitar lessons on the planet. Just a simple search on Google could take you to thousands of guitar lessons that are suitable for you.

Beginner Guitar Lessons â?? Warning

However, if you really want to push through in your guitar lessons, you must be careful with the type of lesson you pick. Make user that they are created with the beginner in mind. Some lessons are just made for the sake of earning money and donâ??t care if the person learns or not. So you should be aware of that too. Beginner Guitar Lessons are supposed to be easy to understand and made especially for beginners.

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Guitar Solo Phrasing

Guitar Solo Phrasing

guitar solo phrasing
Guitar Solo Phrasin

There is something that is much more important than those mind â?? boggling, head â?? bursting speed shredding techniques that we see most often. It comes in one word: phrasing. Yes, this is in my opinion one of the most important aspects of guitar soloing that is often times neglected. But if you really are an effective guitar player, you know what it means. Phrasing is the division of notes in segments to give it life and color. Itâ??s like talking. You have to phrase your words together to make sense or to make it sound more human. It is pretty much the same concept with guitar soloing.

Guitar Solo Phrasing â?? Blues

Some of the guitar players that are good in phrasing donâ??t deal too much with shredding and stuff. they are more on phrasing and making every note count by placing meaning in every note they play. Think B.B. King and Chuck Berry. They are not the quickest paced guitar players on town, but they make every note count and play it like they mean it. that is why you should set aside your shredding dreams first and focus on phrasing first. Do that first before anything else.

Guitar Solo Phrasing â?? Conclusion

Why are we emphasizing the importance of phrasing in our guitar playing lives? This is because it is really important. It is one of those things that you shouldnâ??t live without. Learning could expand and improve your guitar playing most especially your guitar soloing skills which is what we are all aiming for. practice it. sometimes, guitar phrasing canâ??t be learn directly from the book. Itâ??s more on the feel and the emotion that drives the phrasing. Try feeling every note you play and you would come up with the best phrasing ever. So learn more about Guitar solo phrasing by doing a Google search.

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Guitar Chord Mistakes

Guitar Chord Mistakes

guitar chord mistakes
Guitar Chord Mistakes

I know as a beginner, you are currently having troubles with playing your guitar chords. Itâ??s pretty much hard for you and that is normal, believe me. However, if you make these mistakes that other people usually make, you could get into the bottom, this would be the end and you would be quitting. So to avoid that, avoid making these playing guitar chord mistakes:

Guitar Chord Mistakes â?? the top 3

  1. Giving up â?? now, this is the most common. Most people do this. This is one of the terrible mistakes that one can commit. Just because itâ??s difficult, it doesnâ??t mean that it is unattainable. Even big shot guitar players like SRV and Slash started out sucky on guitar playing.
  2. Lack of visualization â?? it means that you donâ??t picture out the finger positions of certain chords. Supposedly, this would help a lot. But most people tend to forget this. Thatâ??s why they end up being frustrated because they suck in doing it.
  3. Wrong Chords at the wrong time â?? some people couldnâ??t wait to learn the advanced level that they skip the easy ones and learn the hard chords. The best way to learn chords is to learn them by repeating them over and over again and transferring form one chord to another. However, start slowly. Start with the easiest or the basics like the 7 major chords. This way the learning process would be much more effective.

Avoiding these Guitar Chord Mistakes

These mistakes can definitely be avoided. All you have to do is to have a positive mind and a fiery motivation and check out these mistakes that I mentioned earlier. This would definitely save you the trouble. Follow the proper steps and youâ??ll be up and running in no time at all. Just avoid these guitar chord mistakes.

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Guitars are one of the most desirable instruments in the planet. It is also the most popular of all instruments because of its portability and its popularity with young people and adults as well. This is mainly the reason why most people prefer to learn how to play the guitar because of its popularity. For some, it is simply very appealing. The appeal of an electric guitar to the youth is simply irresistible. You canâ??t say no to an electric guitar, especially when it is played by a pro. One epic demonstration of a pro guitar player doing a guitar solo is enough for a young person to be encouraged. That is why there are more guitar players than bass players or drummers.

Leaving of these entire things aside, if you have the passion for playing the guitar, I suggest you go for it. Guitar playing is an art, an expression, a medium that turns thoughts into audible pieces of beauty. If learned the right way you could efficiently transmit the art in a message like way that could affect the lives of different people in different ways. So if you got what it takes, learn how to play the guitar and change lives.

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