Guitar Chord Mistakes

Guitar Chord Mistakes

guitar chord mistakes
Guitar Chord Mistakes

I know as a beginner, you are currently having troubles with playing your guitar chords. Itâ??s pretty much hard for you and that is normal, believe me. However, if you make these mistakes that other people usually make, you could get into the bottom, this would be the end and you would be quitting. So to avoid that, avoid making these playing guitar chord mistakes:

Guitar Chord Mistakes â?? the top 3

  1. Giving up â?? now, this is the most common. Most people do this. This is one of the terrible mistakes that one can commit. Just because itâ??s difficult, it doesnâ??t mean that it is unattainable. Even big shot guitar players like SRV and Slash started out sucky on guitar playing.
  2. Lack of visualization â?? it means that you donâ??t picture out the finger positions of certain chords. Supposedly, this would help a lot. But most people tend to forget this. Thatâ??s why they end up being frustrated because they suck in doing it.
  3. Wrong Chords at the wrong time â?? some people couldnâ??t wait to learn the advanced level that they skip the easy ones and learn the hard chords. The best way to learn chords is to learn them by repeating them over and over again and transferring form one chord to another. However, start slowly. Start with the easiest or the basics like the 7 major chords. This way the learning process would be much more effective.

Avoiding these Guitar Chord Mistakes

These mistakes can definitely be avoided. All you have to do is to have a positive mind and a fiery motivation and check out these mistakes that I mentioned earlier. This would definitely save you the trouble. Follow the proper steps and youâ??ll be up and running in no time at all. Just avoid these guitar chord mistakes.

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