Lead Guitar Introduction

This is perhaps the reason why almost all of the guitar players wanted to learn electric guitar to whip out a back â?? lashing, mind â?? shattering, eye â?? bursting, ridiculously awesome guitar solo and you could see and hear the crowd yell at you in almighty godly approval and worship and you raise your hand to the crowd, beaming the horn sign to each and every one of them. Now, you have to wake up!

Your ecstatic dream of becoming a full â?? fledged guitar god is possible but without making the first step, itâ??s like Santa Claus climbing down your chimney whole; impossible.

The best thing that you should is to start learning the basics of lead guitar playing and that is no other than starting with the lead guitar techniques. Here is the list of lead guitar techniques that you could do:

  1. Bend â?? bending the string to reach a certain note.
  2. Slide â?? sliding your way up to the next note gives you smooth transition between notes.
  3. Hammer on â?? create slurs by picking the first note and hammering the next higher note.
  4. Pull off â?? the reverse of a hammer on.

There are lots more techniques for lead guitar playing that you could learn but these techniques are where you should start.